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I think what’s making me survive this term is my communication design class and motion class. Why? Prior to coming to Art Center, I was taught to do research and thumbnails. Plus, I’ve been told that companies want to know your thinking behind one work not just look at your final piece. Your final piece is just one solution. Since then, I’ve been gradually losing the ability of CONCEPTUAL THINKING (what is what I’m good at) and just work on stuff that doesn’t make sense. In other words, designing for myself instead of the actually project. This term I must say I’m happy to take the classes that are reviving that which I have lost. What brought me back was I think the sub I had for motion. Something he said woke me up. Anyway, I wasn’t happy with them at first because I feel I wasn’t challenged enough, but for $16,000 I think its worth relearning on my end.

With that said, this term is going to be fun. Here’s what I did in my motion design class bare there’s no sound effects since I couldn’t find a good sound effect for it. Not too shabby but at least I’m getting a jist of After Effects . Currently working on my side project.



Oh my…

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Designing a President (via Elaine Fong)

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Totally good inspiration for editorial and typography!! Love it all!!! View more here and Elaine Fong here.

Columbia University Film Festival (via JJaakk)

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Columbia University Film Festival 2011

Columbia University Film Festival 2010

Columbia University Film Festival 2006

Norwegian Shipowners Association. (via designworklife)

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Great and Straightforward!

Color Palette

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Warm Colors found at Creature Comforts

Color Happy 70

Pictogram Posters (via designyoutrust)

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viktorhertzpictogram1 Pictogram Movie Posters

viktorhertzpictogram4 Pictogram Movie Posters

viktorhertzpictogram9 Pictogram Movie Posters

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