PARIS 1900 – l’inauguration- opening day (via fabienbarral’s photostream)

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Nothing more. :]

via¬†PARIS 1900 – l’inauguration- opening day


Collection a Day series (via Words & Eggs)

February 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

Could be the next palette I choose to do for my homework. (1/10 done so far D:)

The Hidden Art of Camouflage Photography

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I finally found this!!!! Some of my favorite images are below. Click here for more.

Mademoiselle de Lancey, Alice Thal (via Flikr)

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Really nice montage. Love the colors as well. View more.

Loving this!

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Love the placement of text.

via Best of 2010

Winter Blue

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Loving the color palette!!!!!! Very subtle. It sort of reminds me of the colors of the obama poster, yeah? Also another photography album to check out is i art u‘s flickr album. Some neat color combinations there.

via Creature Comforts

Aha! Moment

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I found lots of cool inspiration online in which I’m dying to post throughout my Sunday. Here’s yesterday’s AHA! moment for one of my projects I found on Creature Comforts. I love the colors on this.

via Creature Comforts

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