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I was one of those who would sit in my car leaving the engine on while waiting for my brother to come out. Recently, my mom told me that it was bad for the environment because you’re hurting the engine and wasting gas. I don’t like paying for gas, who doesn’t? But the fact that you’re hurting your engine really got me thinking. If I was driving on the freeway then suddenly… okay I don’t want to get there. The infographic I found from Sustainable America took a deeper dive in this topic. Enjoy.




Art Nouveau Avatars – The Four Seasons (via Scott Wade/swadeart)

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As I am counting down to episode 10 of Korra, I found this awesome artwork of the Avatars!! The usage of style, color, and art is both astonishing and captivating to the viewer. (Please do Avatar Wan!!) Artist Link.

Jeremy Slagle: Pinchflat (via designworklife)

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Playing Cards.

doodle everyday (via ilovedoodle tumblr)

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These are fun to look at because they’re so simple and you understand the message clearly. Below are some of my favorites.Check out more here.

Day 74: Peace Bomb Doodle Everyday 12 Feb 2011

13. Hibearnation Doodle Everyday 28 Nov 2010

Day 88: Never Say Never Doodle Everyday 26 Feb 2011

Circus at Midnight (via designworklife)

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Speechless. This was designed by Tegamiya (Terada Mizuho).

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Long Live the Oceans (via Jessica Hische)

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Mads Berg Illustration

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Side note, want my playing cards to look somewhat like these illustration. Very inspiring. Check out more here.

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