Columbia University Film Festival (via JJaakk)

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Columbia University Film Festival 2011

Columbia University Film Festival 2010

Columbia University Film Festival 2006


Pictogram Posters (via designyoutrust)

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viktorhertzpictogram1 Pictogram Movie Posters

viktorhertzpictogram4 Pictogram Movie Posters

viktorhertzpictogram9 Pictogram Movie Posters

Jazz Poster

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I thought this was an interesting poster because the use of type and the picture. I forgot where I found this though. What a bummer.

Southwest Heritage Trail

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via we love typography

Molded Heroes (via Quipsologies)

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I think this is what my mentor was talking about when we were talking about adapting different style. Certainly this is my style of work but I can see it happening in my future. AnyhowI love the usage of the monochrome color here.



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For some reason, after looking at these, I just thought of a cool idea for a project. (All comes down to the topic and execution.)

via behance


Japan Poster 2011 (Rough Stage)

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This the Kanji/Chinese Word for “Hope”. This is a poster dedicated to those who were affected by the Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011. Let us pray and hope together.

This is a poster I made during my spare time. This idea wouldn’t go away so I whipped it up really quickly. Although it may seemed rushed, the thought is there Everything except the calligraphy. I haven’t gotten the chance to explore the calligraphy yet due to homework. If you would like to post or share this, please credit me: Jennifer Lau.

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