Idling (via sustainableamerica)

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I was one of those who would sit in my car leaving the engine on while waiting for my brother to come out. Recently, my mom told me that it was bad for the environment because you’re hurting the engine and wasting gas. I don’t like paying for gas, who doesn’t? But the fact that you’re hurting your engine really got me thinking. If I was driving on the freeway then suddenly… okay I don’t want to get there. The infographic I found from Sustainable America took a deeper dive in this topic. Enjoy.




The Fellowship Infographic (via JT Fridsma)

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What really intrigued me was the visualization of LOTR in this infographic. Awesome! View more here.

Club World Champions Infographic (via Quipsologies)

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REAL Salt Lake, Club World Champions? Infographic

Star Wars: What Occupation is meant for you? (via Quipsologies)

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I’m a Bounty Hunter, you?


The New Marketing Trifecta

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Information is a bit overwhelming, but good to look at. Surprised Myspace isn’t there. (I know I can hear someone say Myspace? What’s Myspace.)

Check out more Infographics here.

Tiger Woods Economy Infographic

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via The Tiger Woods Economy

Star Wars Ep. IV Iconascope

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Any one a star wars fan? If you are, you should know what is happening within the icons. I know I do, even though I’m not a star wars fan. I wish I kept the source site for this.

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