All in one with the COIN.

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I don’t know what kind of review this might be, business, product, or design, but I guess the first in foremost, anyone heard of this?

This is pretty awesome if you ask me because you store all your cards in one COIN. This is a great solution for those that keep losing or misplacing things.

Now to get into the design of things, the website. FINALLY, a good use of parallax! There aren’t too much of these out there that I think are successful. I believe that simple website design should definitely be communicative and direct to the point where I say, “Ah I understand.” That is all.

Pre-Order or See for yourself. Link

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Business card for photography

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Dynamic Work

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I think here is a good way of showing some dynamic elements to the work. Everything works here.

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WHOOO. Last post for the day. I love this business card and letterhead. Heck it coincides with one another, though I would put the design on the left hand side. There needs to be a balance somewhere.

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Business Cards (Fox & Evelyn)

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Lots to post today. I came across this one which is very organized. I love the colors. Totally reminds me of the 60s.

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Simply Amazing.

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After posting stuff about the letterpress calendar, I wanted to look into the designer themselves. I mean from the ligatures to the colors, its really amazing to look at. Totally tell you what kind of style they have and so forth. Spectacular.

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Business Cards — What’s your Flavor?

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Clever way to turn a boring business card into something cool.

Spicy “Business-Bags”  These sugar and spice packets are a fun take on the usual boring business card. They were designed by Gitam BBDO Israel, whose site unfortunately is “under construction.”  (first discovered via TheDieline, via Ads of the World, karenh)

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