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Warm Colors found at Creature Comforts

Color Happy 70


Collection a Day series (via Words & Eggs)

February 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

Could be the next palette I choose to do for my homework. (1/10 done so far D:)


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Not on a roll but at least I managed to get these done. These are for my color class. The upcoming FF series were my inspiration for these which also represents how many times I’ve seen the previews for Versus. So cool, so awesome.


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Interesting Color Pallete.

via Design Work Life

Combining colors.

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via Inspiration Daily 01.13.11

Winter Blue

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Loving the color palette!!!!!! Very subtle. It sort of reminds me of the colors of the obama poster, yeah? Also another photography album to check out is i art u‘s flickr album. Some neat color combinations there.

via Creature Comforts

Simply Amazing.

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After posting stuff about the letterpress calendar, I wanted to look into the designer themselves. I mean from the ligatures to the colors, its really amazing to look at. Totally tell you what kind of style they have and so forth. Spectacular.

via Fabien Barral
via Harmonie-intérieure

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