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After two weeks of hell, I’m finally back. I think I should dedicated this post to what I’ve done in the past week. First off, I am so glad to have met the most coolest T.A. ever. You are my role model. :] Second I think this term was definitely an answer for myself. I won’t go in detail. So… out of the 5 classes, this one is BY FAR my favorite project. This is my 3D Abstraction of a Pasilla Pepper. The objective of this project was to grab the key elements from an object and create an abstraction out of it. IE we had to “logorize” the object meaning that we had to reduce a lot of the objects components but keep the elements within the abstraction.

More to week in the upcoming 3 weeks.


Japan Poster 2011 (Rough Stage)

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This the Kanji/Chinese Word for “Hope”. This is a poster dedicated to those who were affected by the Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011. Let us pray and hope together.

This is a poster I made during my spare time. This idea wouldn’t go away so I whipped it up really quickly. Although it may seemed rushed, the thought is there Everything except the calligraphy. I haven’t gotten the chance to explore the calligraphy yet due to homework. If you would like to post or share this, please credit me: Jennifer Lau.

Website: Cupcake Mama Exercise

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I’m finally getting the hang of CSS/HTML. Loved today’s lecture!! Now I can finally sleep since I figured all these out.


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Not on a roll but at least I managed to get these done. These are for my color class. The upcoming FF series were my inspiration for these which also represents how many times I’ve seen the previews for Versus. So cool, so awesome.

Lines and Dots.

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Today is January 11th. I’ve decided to do design something with lines and dots on illustrators that’ll spark my day. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a fail but as long as I keep it up then it’ll be alright. Where I’m going with this is the color inspiration I’ve seen over at Creature Comforts and because of it, I decided to do this. The goal of this is to show my mood through lines and dots [Luckily I’m keeping a journal in order to do this or else I won’t be able to do this.], colors don’t matter but I guess it has to be a pretty palette. Like this one, I remember doing during Jan 1. After looking at wine labels last week, I now see this in a wine label. :\

Something I’ve never told…

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This is a very hard/ tough question to answer. When I was a kid, I dreamt of becoming an artist or cartoonist because I liked drawing figures and cartoon. Towards sixth grade I liked watching japanese cartoons until eighth grade. During that time I started writing fiction and wanted to major in animation because at least for animation, you can illustrate your stories and such, but it was too much. That’s how I ended up being a designer. Although I’m an amateur artist to this day, I don’t think I completely lost a sense of my skill of drawing I’ve developed over my life. I love drawing and working with different media, except acrylic because of the movements and gestures. Anyway, here’s a hint of what I wanted to do when I was a kid. And yes there’s a storyline to it, but you guys be the judge on how it’s going to end up. My inspiration was from One Piece.



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Past my bedtime. With me still sick, I attempted to do or design something new. I like the look but not the written brief of the person had wanted. Wish I was an illustrator too. Good night world.

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