Rant about the website I’m “re”designing.

February 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

So for two weeks now, I have been “re”designing this worst website right below.

I feel like I want to express my opinions by not just posting good navigation sites on my blog, but the bad ones too. Or else how do we learn? Well, I have never seen anything like this. Worst website ever. This is Yale School of Art. YALE SCHOOL OF ART??? The school thats the number 1 in the Master of Fine Arts Program. That site is bluffing. They seriously make fools out of themselves, I am sorry to say. Note this is a “Wiki” site which means this  layout can be changed by anyone within the school. Oh my goodness, staring at this makes me want to…. yeah, finish the sentence. Here I am being nice and kind. In my opinion, they should promote the school instead of cats sleeping on the macbook, the worst background image I saw was protestors celebrating the resignation of the Egyptian President. What does that have to do with the school? I don’t know if Yale University itself has to do with the “Art School”, but this is ridiculous!!

Well, now you’re asking why did I even bother? Well first of all, I think school websites are the hardest to design and create in general. Restaurant website, easy but still a lot of work. School sites has a bunch of content so I would like to challenge myself. First thing I would do is organize this. And so since I always have to go back to this site often, always makes me want to puke, but the video down below is my medicine. Thank goodness.


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