Websites Review.

January 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Thought I’d post some of my favorite websites here as well. Below are 5 HTML sties with a bonus of 2 Flash websites that I think are cool in terms of site objective, visual design (“look” of the website), and interactivity (navigation).


I’ve been using Firefox eversince I was in highschool. Could it be of its visual representation? Or could it be that its easy to use? Well whatever it is, it is definitely simple to use. I’m a big fan of finding things within seconds. Not to mention its user-friendly to everyone.

More at

I do enjoy navigating through this site. Of course, I think what got me was the menu, but seeing how organized it is is quite stunning. I’ve seen sites where they clutter their menu ideas making it “unappetizing” to look at.

More at

There’s somewhere you would always want to go to for books. The moment you go here, you are immediately brought to the “Find your Books” Search Box making that its emphasis. Nothing is too cluttered; everything is spaced out the same.

More at

This is an interactive website where you answer questions and for each answer you get right, FreeRice donates 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme. I think this site is well-organized because its main emphasis is for the user to answer questions and donate rice.

More at

Before, I use to be a PC and before buying my Macbook Pro, I had to go through the apple site (so I get my free ipod touch and printer). When I was brought to the site, I had discovered that it was so easy to use that I would start buying apple products here all the time. Everything is organized by categories, so I don’t get lost and the pages are categorized into different sections, hence ipods, iphones, etc.
More at

*Bonus Sites*


I love the simplicity of this site because its very straightforward. Not too many colors and pages, hence it is very well organized. This photography site is easy to navigate through.

More at

Another straightforward portfolio site that is I think really “straight to the point”. What I mean by that is after you are brought to the site, you immediately see the portfolio work. Navigation is great too because as you click on one of the portfolio pieces, it expands and has a couple of images and a description of what the project is about.

More at



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