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January 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

Using different mediums other than the computer is impressive. Not to mention these posters go back to the 70s when computers aren’t even introduced or was rare back in the old days.

via In Praise of the East European Film Poster


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  • hi
    Great movie posters….A really good article. I enjoyed seeing the comparisons. One quibble though. . when they test marketed the film, before shelving it. (It’s not a wonderful poster because it sells the film as a “shocker”, a thriller, plus it sort of gives away the surprise ending of the film; something it shares with the remake’s poster) The poster used for the actual general — though independent — U.S. release of the film was one I designed. It was included in postcard size with the DVD release of the film a few years ago. It shows a large mandala in golds and yellows and in front of it is a solarized view of the townspeople in their animal masks standing on a hillside.

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